The Von Lemberg Code


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The Von Lemberg Code



What is the Von Lemberg Code & what can i do with the Von Lemberg Code?

This is a special code with 6 numbers or letters. This code gives you discount & special offers (VIP Passes) on all luxury items you can find in the sub-category under our main menu – “The Von Lemberg Code.”

With the Von Lemberg Code you can rent all super cars, luxury homes and much more from our most exclusive partner with big discounts.


Do i have to pay for the Code?

No, this service is for free.


How do i get the Code?

Very easy . Choose your object of the interest and contact us.



Please send us your request by email and you will be given the code for your desired product. We will redirect you to our partner where you can use the code to rent or buy the product of your interest with of course a big saving.

Von Lemberg is constantly seeking new companies and products to offer to our community.

If you think your product qualities to be offered please contact our cusmoter servive department:


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Anastasiya Von Lemberg
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